Real Estate Investor & Probate Expert

Handling Probate can be stressful & overwhelming. No matter if you’re an attorney, personal representative, or an executor/executrix we can help you.

Don't take on probate

The process of selling a loved one’s home will be emotionally challenging. Surrounding yourself with professionals who are empathetic will make the process a bit easier. In addition to your probate lawyer, a real estate professional who understands the intricacies of the probate process are a great resource. Everyone needs time to deal with the passing of a loved one. However, when it is time to liquidate the real estate in the estate you need real estate professionals that can save you time and stress throughout the transaction. My team is ready to assist you throughout every phase of the probate process. Call or email us to speak to a certified Probate Expert.

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Services We Provide to Help Familes in Probate:

Estate Sale

These can be extremely stressful, especially for the family members. Once we have worked out which items you'd like to keep - leave the rest up to us. A professional estate sale team will step in to handle the remaining personal property. All proceeds will go to the family/estate.

Clean Out Crew

From clean out to closing: For many reasons, personal representatives and/or executors/executrix are not able to maintain the property in the estate. Our team can alleviate this stress by cleaning and repairing the property to be sold at market value.

Market Value Sale

If you do want to list the property now, I can introduce you to the best local agents who specialize in probate sales. They are ready with solid, proven marketing plans and will lay out their compensation structure in complete detail. They don’t ever make any money until your objectives have been reached.

Quick Sale

We work with many cash buyers who are willing to purchase property in "as - is" conditions. These buyers will sometimes even pay all closing costs and close, based on your timeline. In fact, we work with investors who are looking to buy property immediately.
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